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CT Pubmoot!

(Also posted on Meetup.com and Facebook)

December 12, 2009 at noon (12/12 at 12!) come join
trumoonbear and me at East Side Grill in New Britain, CT for the CT Pubmoot!

Bacon Sumbel?

Jill and Tim gave us the most delicious chocolate we've ever had, a very special gourmet chocolate with bacon! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you!
This bacon chocolate has got us thinking. We've all got a special place in our heart for bacon. And roast pigs feature in both Norse and Irish mythology - bacon is holy!
So, we're asking for your opinion on a bacon-themed sumbel. It would be in the fall (summer sumbel is private) and everyone would bring a dish with bacon in it. The story would probably be Cormac's Adventure in the Land of Promise, a very very short tale - it literally fits on two pages - that includes a magical ever-roasted yet ever-living pig. The sumbel would be at Mat's house in southern NJ (Annie's apartment in CT is even less convenient, and small).
If it was on an acceptable date, would you make the trip to Ocean County for the bacon sumbel?

.... zzzzz...zzz

pig was success.. 99.999% of trash on curb for tomorrow... couldn't give .1 shit about the rest.. going to bed.. and sleeping in gods dammit!

Frank McCourt dies at 78

I didn't like Angela's Ashes for being so miserable, but it at least put into form many of the ghosts who still haunt Ireland.


So I'm  a bit of a sucker for collecting tapestries - those cotton batik cloths with Newagey designs hippies and college students are so fond of - and I have to cut my collection in half for the move. I have three tapestries that I'd like to give to someone who wants them (or one). The ones I'm giving away are all twin-bed sized. The first is purple-red, dark blue and white and has dragonflies, lilies and stars with some knotwork in the corners. The second is brightly rainbow-striped with a dark green and yellow ying-yang in the center. The third is dark blue and has a few faded parts on it as it was in a window for a year but overall it looks pretty good; it's a angel holding a chalice with a big knotwork border.
I eventually want to get this gorgeous one for my apartment bedroom but eventually I will come to my senses for now I'll use one of the three I'm bringing there.

Thor is James Kirk's Father?!

Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the part of Thor in the upcoming Marvel movie.

You may remember Chris' most recent role and George Kirk in this years (most awesome) Star Trek movie.  Chris hasn't dome much else, which works in his advantage.  It is my personal opinion that the talented but otherwise not well known actors tend to do a better job in casting these larger than life roles.  It makes the character more believable because we're not seeing Bartleby, Fred O'Bannion, Chuckie Sullivan trying to dressed up as Dare Devil.  We're seeing Matt Murdock. 


Other than why the F*** they cast Natalie Portman as anything in the movie.

 - Mat

Happy Gregday!

Happy Birthday

Wish I could be there

 - Mat

Jul. 7th, 2009

I have goals like a lot of people. Get a PhD, get a good job, publish a novel, get fit, see the world, get married, have kids, and so on. Then I have goals unlike most people. Getting in on a replica Viking ship voyage is one of them. Seriously. Being out in the sea, getting splashed by waves, sleeping in the cold air on the hard deck and being soaked and miserable for days - I want this. Badly.
Step one is getting involved in the Norse academic community so I can be on the grapevine for upcoming projects/voyages. Tentative check. Step two is learning how to sail so I stand a much better chance of getting selected. I got in contact with the UConn Sailing Club and they say they will teach me. Huzzah! I'm not sure what step three is - learn Danish? I'll figure it out from there but I feel one baby step closer to fulfilling my crazy goal.